I’ve been struggling for the past few weeks trying to come up with policies that will enable
our guests to have a lovely holiday, whist still providing you with as much protection as
We have come up with measures that hopefully mean you have a comfortable stay whilst
we deal with unprecedented times. We’d like to share these with you.
We’re also very aware that the current situation is constantly altering, so what you think will
work for you now, might not be right in 3 months time. Or there may be another lock-down
imposed, which is totally out of your’s or our control.
We’d advise taking out travel insurance but understand that companies are being quite
cagey about new policies at present.
With that in mind, here are the changes we’ll be making. These plans may change over time
as new information comes to light, or new legislation is imposed, so this is a fluid document.
  • Cleaning and chalet preparation.
No guidance has been published about requiring time between bookings. We will require
departures as usual for 10am and request that you remove rubbish with you and place it in
the site waste bins. We won’t be able to accept early check ins but aim to keep our arrival
times at 3pm.
Standard cleaning:Our cleans will be to our normal standard, with the addition of any hard
surfaces being cleaned with hot soapy water and disinfectant such as a dilute bleach spray
cleaner. We will also leave a cleaning spray at the property for your use, should you want to
clean any surfaces yourself upon arrival or during your stay.
Books and games: We have decided to remove these for the time being.
Soft Furnishings:Cushions, duvets and pillows – All scientific evidence thus far is that
Covid-19 cannot live on fabric for more than a few hours. Therefore, we’ve decided that
we’ll be leaving all soft furnishings in situ and changing regularly but not for every guest. We
will steam clean items like cushions periodically.
Bedding and towels:We will be providing protectors on beds as-well as the duvets and
pillows themselves but ask you to bring (and make up) your beds with your own bed linen.
Similarly please bring your own towels (inc tea towels etc).
  • Check-in and check out
Please stick to our departure times (10am) and arrival times (3pm). We will be using our key
safe for keys to minimise contact. We will clean the safe and keys for each guest.
  • Payment and Refund Policy
Until further notice, below will be our new payment and refund policy:
Depositswill still be £50 paid in advance to reserve your booking and will be held on top of
the balance. As usual we will refund this by bacs assuming all is left in good order when the
chalet is checked on departure.
Balanceswill be due 4 weeks prior to your holiday date.
Should the government announce another lock-downthat affects your holiday date, any
payment made (deposit and balance). You can decide whether to defer your payment
towards another week of your choice (subject to availability), or you can request that we
refund any payments made to that point.
If you change your mind about taking your booked holiday for any reason:
No automatic refunds will be made. However, we understand that especially in the current
climate, personal circumstances can change. So we will try to accommodate your situation
and will do all we can to re-book your holiday week. If we are able to do so, we’ll refund as
much as we can of your payment less any costs incurred by Readvertising and admin.